KId's Bike Trade-Up Program


What is the Kid's Bike Trade-Up Program?

Great question! The Kid's Bike Trade-Up Program makes it easier for you to buy your child a high quality kid's bike that fits without worrying about when they will outgrow the bike. All you have to do is buy your kid a bike that fits today and watch them have a blast on their sweet Trek bike. Then, when they outgrow the bike just bring it back to one of our three locations. Regardless of the condition of the bike, we will give you 80% of what you paid for the first bike towards your next kid's bike. It really is that simple. You can continue trading up until your child is ready for his or her first adult bike. Have questions? Contact Us Here

Quick real life example:

You buy a 16" kid's bike for 199.99 + tax. Your child rides the bike for a year and outgrows it. You return to your nearest location with the 16" bike in tow and select a new kid's bike that fits. We give you 80% of 199.99, or 159.99, towards the new bike. In the end, you save big bucks and your child gets to enjoy a bike that fits.